August 06, 2012

even with the lure of free chicken, sitting outside in a parking lot for twenty four straight hours on a 100 degree day probably doesn't sound like an appealing option to most people.  it probably wasn't donald's first choice either.  and since he was such a trooper at chick-fil-a, i thought he deserved a little treat.  so on friday he got to choose everything we did, all day long.  it was the first ever d.w.d.w.d...or 'do whatever donald wants day'.  

since donald's day doesn't really start until about lunchtime, (who am i kidding...when it's summer that's when my day starts too) the first thing we did was order a pizza.  because all good days start with pizza.  and the olympics.  always the olympics.

next up: fantasy time.  i was the scribe for some sort of heads up baseball competition versus mark.  and then he taught me how to do a mock football draft.  he was pretty excited about this part...it was kind of hilarious.

we perused pinterest for some dinner ideas and landed on these.  they are little smokies, wrapped in bacon, swimming in a pool of butter and brown sugar.  donald's crazy for health food...obviously.

and we wrapped up the night with some movies, more olympics, a shoulder massage and a game of gin.  i think it turned out to be a pretty good day.


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