August 4, 2012

will sweat for chikin...

my second first 100 was a smashing success.  the lee's summit chick-fil-a just opened this week (finally...chick-n-mini's for breakfast!) and i was lucky number 16.  my first camp out was back in november, when i was wearing seventeen layers of clothing and hibernating in the tent for warmth.  this one was a teensy bit different in the sense that if i hadn't been able to borrow a canopy to block the sun, we would have certainly withered away in the scorching heat.  but the weather wasn't the only difference, this time i had friends!  donald and amber (a former co-worker) decided to be adventurous and brave the heat with me.

coincidentally this opening happened to fall on chick-fil-a appreciation day, and since we were on the outside edge of the parking lot we became the unofficial spokespeople.  there was a lot of confusion about the store not actually being open yet, along with a good number of people who assumed we were participating in some sort of 'occupy chick-fil-a' movement.  we did have an actual protester show up late in the day, but he just politely stood on the street corner with his sign.

we had a fun time playing games, eating free food and getting our picture taken by just about every other car that went by.  we really should have kept a tally for that.  the heat gave us a rough couple hours in the late afternoon, but once the sun went down all was well. amber and i did get the giggles about 3:30am when we were woken up by the butternut delivery man...the hilarity of sleeping in a parking lot voluntarily is compounded in the wee hours of the morning.
donald and amber at our campsite

the document our visitors

 our free chick-fil-a!

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