narcos and flexerols and aleves, oh my...

March 22, 2013

i've never been much of a pill taker myself.  i was actually well into high school before i managed to swallow one...i had previously gotten by on chewable children's tylenol and that delicious pink stuff i always requested from the pediatrician.  i may take an ibuprofen from time to time, but i'd say i only average about four per year.  donald finds this moderately ridiculous and always encourages me to take at least two if i'm having a headache or something, but i'm pretty firm on my one pill at a time rule.  so when i woke up on a friday morning writhing in pain and asked for 'as many pills as i can take'...he knew there was a problem.

it was exactly one month ago, the day after the first of our two back to back snowstorms, and the day before our kansas city open house.  we'd spend a little time shoveling show on thursday and apparently my back was not pleased.  the pain was significant, but seeing as how i don't have a doctor, i figured i'd just wait it out.  sore muscles typically last only a day or two and i figured it could only get better, not worse.  i was wrong.  after enduring three days of constant pain, and hobbling through our open house, i gave in.  first thing monday morning we went to urgent care and i finally found a bit of relief in the form of narcotics and muscle relaxers.  assured that time would heal (a week, two at the most) i gratefully took my pills and headed home. long story short, that didn't happen.  another doctor, a round of x-rays, lots of drugs, a massage and three chiropractic visits later...i think it's finally improving.  in fact, just yesterday i had a day where my pain, on a scale of zero to ten, was a one.  a ONE!  glory hallelujah!!!  i'm really hoping it will all be over soon, because i think dear donald is getting tired of my furrowed brow.

it hasn't been all bad.  donald and i have played a lot of ticket to ride...and i am proud to say that despite my handicap, i am currently at the top of the leader board.  my mom came to visit and helped kick start the 'clean out the basement' campaign (and if you, or someone you know, has ever lived in this house you will understand that this is a monumental task).  and of course, dag has been very supportive.

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