March 2, 2013

the d[r]yers

some days i have to stop and remind myself that our wedding already happened. as much as i tried to take time that weekend to look around and soak everything in, i couldn't stop time from racing by. we thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent with family and friends, but just one short month later i can already feel the memories fading.

before we left on our honeymoon donald and i jotted down a few memories we didn't want to forget in the hustle and bustle of newlywed life. here are some of our favorite wedding moments...

  • donald running up to hug me in the reception room as soon as he arrived at the lodge on thursday
  • watching my bridesmaids open their gifts at the rehearsal dinner and hearing their laughs and excitement

  • gathering in our room with all the girls as they went around and said what they loved and/or appreciated about me before they prayed for me
  • playing a big, hilarious group game of catch phrase/charades in the lobby with so many of our favorite friends
  • watching my friends have fun together and become friends themselves
  • getting to greet our guests as they arrived and the laid back feeling of the day
  • seeing my whole life gathered in one room as i walked down the aisle
  • mark praying about donald 'loving his body' and how he didn't know why we didn't get married ten years ago

  • danny and david's 'awesome family' high five
  • being introduced into the reception as "mr. and mrs. dryer"
  • wedding toasts that were personal, heartwarming and hilarious
  • dancing...just all of it, from the first to the last
  • seeing so many friends at brunch on sunday and getting to spend just a bit more time with the people we love
  • riding the ferry back home and spending the day with matt and tara

our wedding was wonderful. it wasn't free from imperfections, but nothing is. in the end, donald and i got married. we gathered the people we love. we threw a pretty awesome party. and we were certainly filled with joy.

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