January 31, 2008

happy birthday #2

one week ago today, a special girl was born. her name is tori michelle. what makes her so special you ask? well, aside from the general 'special-ness' of a new baby, she's named after a certain someone...me!!! yes, i know my name isn't actually michelle, but i was the inspiration. it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy...it's not everyday you get a namesake!
matt and tara (aka mom and dad) have this tradition of finding out their baby's gender, but not deciding on a name until the poor child is just about out. (the same thing happened with big sister sophia) so i took to calling her #2.

i wanted #2 to have her own special gift, so i whipped out my sewing machine and created these little beauties.

are you impressed?

January 26, 2008

and so it begins

i am addicted to blogs. it's true. if you have a blog and you are my friend, i am probably addicted to your blog. [although some of you who only post every few months could make things a bit more interesting...hint, hint] i love learning new things about my friends and getting insight into different parts of their lives than i'm used to seeing. so who knows what you might learn about me. hope you enjoy...happy reading!
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