October 12, 2008

i want to go back to the beach...

my to-do list for the past week:
  • float in pool
  • play in ocean
  • look for seashells
  • eat lots of snow crab

my mom and i spend the past week in pensacola beach, florida with friends from church that we've known forever. this was our second year to go on vacation together and it was quite fun.

here we all are

this is jacob and i on jet ski day in the bay

one night we drove into pensacola to eat at mcguire's...they are really famous for having great burgers. they also have a very cool tradition...everyone who visits is welcome to sign a dollar bill and staple it to the ceiling. they have over $550,000 in dollar bills, and that's not a typo. there is money everywhere!! i think i could live on their dollar bills for the rest of my life. of course we didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to leave our mark in history, so we all signed a bill and up it went.

this is jacob stapling our dollar to the ceiling for all eternity

this room looked like it was a recent addition, and didn't have nearly
as much money in it as the rest of the place

also, if you ever eat here, be sure to go to the bathroom...i won’t spoil the surprise and tell you why…just go.

here is one last picture of my favorite coast line on planet earth


Joy said...

i'm somewhat shocked you sacrificed a dollar. you may have lost a few points in the "most frugal person i know" category. :)

shelly said...

clarification: i did not sign my own dollar, i just offered to add my signature to the "group dollar" that was provided by someone else :)

the broomes said...

Wow, that looks like a fabulous trip...and the fact that you got to enjoy beautiful beach weather in October makes it even better!!!

Joy said...

that clears it up. you're back on top of the most frugal category!

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