March 26, 2009

tea time...

this post is two days late but...
happy 30th birthday jackie!
i drove down to bolivar after work on tuesday to spend the evening with the birthday girl (and was ted's birthday too). we ate at lamberts and played settlers until the wee hours of the morning. i also got to surprise jackie with a really fun gift that i had 'acquired' for her...a silver tea set! i knew she had been wanting one for awhile and was hoping it was just what she dreamed of. she was real excited so i think the gift giving was a success.

and just so everyone knows how great she is,
here are 30 things i love about jackie…

1 – she never fails to provide intelligent conversation
2 – she made it possible for me to have multiple british adventures
3 - she is a great swing dance partner
4 – she likes finding good deals
5 – she always says what she thinks
6 – we went on a new years road trip and she came home with a husband
7 – i am always amazed that at the end of a meal she can decide “i need more protein” or “i need more carbs”…how the heck does she know that?
8 – she took the game of mafia international
9 – she bleeds purple
10 – she doesn’t get intimidated by not knowing how to do something, she just
starts doing it … becoming a bookshelf builder for example
11 – she is a very artistic math teacher, which is kind of an oxymoron
12 – her excitement about drinking pepsi is amusing
13 – she loves america more than anyone else i know
14 – she openly shares her struggles without shame
15 – she puts her husband first
16 – she created the tommy hilfiger couch on which we enjoyed many
springtime evenings on maple tree lane
17 – she introduced me to the bible study girls
18 – she is good at asking questions that really matter when getting to know someone
19 – she has become quite the little chef and taught me to make onion rings from scratch
20 – we were the first groupie graduates
21 – she is willing to ask the hard questions
22 – life is fun when she is around
23 – she is appreciative
24 – she truly cares about her single friends
25 – she has a seemingly endless supply of good prank ideas
26 – she sharpens me
27 – she loves to play matchmaker
28 – she co-wrote the brooke and kevin song and played the slinky on opening night
29 – she has shared a bathroom with more people than anyone else i know
30 – she is one of my most cherished friends


Adam, Connie, Josiah, and Bella said...

Great list, Shelly! Makes me miss Jackie! Glad you guys had fun together!

the broomes said...

I agree with Con-- great list and So true!!! ...I'm sure that Jackie was so blessed by this list as well:)

Joy said...

i love all kinds of things about jackie, but am especially thankful for #17.

neubiewaters said...

You are a good friend, shelly!

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