August 26, 2009

the body cast adventure...

three weeks ago my friend tara called to tell me that her daughter sophia had broken her femur bone and was in a body cast for four weeks. naturally i responded as any caring friend would, which means i laughed and said she should have practiced her delivery more because her joke wasn't believable at all. but after hearing her recount the story of her fall off a balance beam at the park, i figured out it was for real.

as you can imagine, the thought of caring for a three year old in a body cast, along with her one and a half year old sister, was a tad overwhelming. so i worked some travel magic and flew from georgia straight to cali to help out for a few days.

despite the obvious setback, we managed to have a great time. it's always so much fun hanging out with the ardens...chatting, laughing, spontaneously breaking into song and eating matt's delicious popcorn.

the arden family
sophia . shelly . tara . tori . matt

loving their aunt shay shay

and just to show you that she really is in good spirits, here's a video of sophia singing her rousing rendition of "jesus love the little children this i know".

for more of the adventures, and views of the body cast, check out these photos on facebook

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neubiewaters said...

Man alive, Tara Arden, I am sending some sympathetic feelings your way. When Brynley broke her arm I thought it was a nightmare....this does not compare! Shelly, you are a good friend! If this ever happens to Sydney, I'll be calling

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