April 27, 2010

me gusta mexico mucho...

i have returned from a great week in the land of sombreros...complete with guacamole, churros and an infinite number of trips to the super chico for be-light.
we did quite a bit of manual labor at the orphanage...the main projects were:
  • painting, moving and installing a playground for the kids (which involved, among other things, lots of hole digging and the risk of being impaled by rebar)
  • cleaning up the property, removing thorny brush and shoveling rock
  • putting the finishing touches on the new bedrooms and bathrooms for the kids (resulting in "the incident" - daryl and i accidentally getting high on some serious paint fumes...now that's what i call a memory)
we accomplished much more than we thought would be possible in one short week, but the highlight was most definitely the kids. they are fun, loving and pretty hilarious...listening to them laugh is one of my favorite things. i don't know how to accurately describe how great they are with words, so i'm attempting to let you fall in love with them through pictures...

you can also click here to see more pictures of the week.

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