May 17, 2010


i am a nerd. not the steve urkel kind, but the kind that likes budgeting and loves to read about personal finances. i know…sounds thrilling doesn't it. so i often find myself reading financial books and blogs for entertainment. the other day at school i came across a book about retiring early and since i had nothing better to do while babysitting teenagers (aka substitute teaching), i skimmed through it.

now i am definitely a saver, not a spender. but even though i have "financial peace" i sometimes start to wonder if the life i've chosen might not be the wisest financial decision. (i'm sure there are some other people who think that sometimes too-ha!) these wonderings started again as i read through this book and started feeling very behind in saving for a house, retirement, etc. i started to think that maybe i should just suck it up and get a 'real' job for awhile, then i could save more money.

but later that night as i was getting ready for bible study and i was reminded that i already have all i need. 1 timothy 6:8 says "if we have bread on the table and shoes on our feet, that's enough"...and i do. good reminder. i entered the world penniless, and i'll leave the same way. i think the adventures are worth a little less money in the bank.

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the broomes said...

I agree, Shelly. I love that you are able to go on so many adventures ...and still be very financially adventure on down to the deep south why don't ya?!!:)

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