June 18, 2010

the family i love...

this was the year for the fourth bi-annual meinhardt clan family reunion...and it was good times. in telling other people about this reunion of ours, i've realized how special it is that we both want and are able to spend a weekend together at the lake, just because. the 'elder' generation started with six cousins (one of them being my mom) and at this point we are adding members to the family on a pretty regular basis. we are all quite different, quite the same and somewhat amazed at how much we still like each other!

lest you think we are a boring bunch, i'll have you know that though we do spend a fair amount of time just talking and laughing together, we can get pretty serious about our fun. not only did i really enjoy the splash ball fight in the pool, but i participated in the most intense marshmallow fight i've ever experienced. the little kids brought their single shooters, but my uncle would not be outdone. he brought out his rapid fire marshmallow gun and really let them have it. you can just see the intensity on his face (and all the marshmallows on the floor) even though you can't see the gun.

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