August 15, 2010

golden beaver fever continued...

the number of road trip participants tripled for phase two. we were joined by the arden family, some of my favorite friends of all time. tara and i met at sbu when we were both on the croatia mission team and her husband matt is also a fellow bearcat. she is definitely what you would call a kindred spirit...sometimes we're so alike it's scary. they have welcomed me as an honorary member of the arden family and i couldn't be more pleased. along with them came two of my favorite little people, sophia and tori. the six of us piled in and the fun began. we...
  • ate picnic lunches by rivers and on beaches
  • celebrated sophia turning the big number four
  • hiked the lady bird johnson trail at redwood national park
  • explored a lot of beaches with some really cool sand
  • listened to our pal dave through our awesome sound system
  • took a sand dune buggy ride through the oregon dunes national recreation area
  • visited the world's largest sea lion cave
  • sang 'hey soul sister' more times than we could count
  • played on the beach with our sand pails
  • stayed in some fun hotel rooms, our favorite being the one with a loft, fireplace and an ocean front balcony
  • laughed at tori walking like a monkey
  • visited the oregon coast aquarium and saw some amazing jellyfish
  • ate a lot of 'fresh off the boat' seafood
  • watched movies in our 'drive in' theatre
  • made some comic book shop stops for matt
  • ate at a fun fifties diner in eugene
the whole trip was a really fun check out the pictures click here

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