July 4, 2011

my favorite week of the year...

last week i checked another item off my list when i came out of retirement and reclaimed my original role of counselor at kids camp. i hadn't had a cabin for the past few years and i was ready to get back in the mix. (although i did miss the nightly laughs and conversation at the "pub") i had a really fun group of fourth grade girls and almost no drama. i'm not sure if i got lucky or if i'm just that good.

aside from the girls themselves, my favorite thing this year was the music...hands down. dave milliken also came out of retirement and graced us with songs from camps gone by. it was a great trip down memory lane and i loved every minute of it. especially the time he broke out "grandma's in the cellar" at the campfire. gooberdinky's and all.

these are my cute girls

fun story. one day during cabin devotions the topic was having a peaceful heart. we talked about things we're afraid of and how God is always with us and can help us when we're afraid. after the discussion the girls all got a blank pillowcase and some fabric markers to decorate it with. the instructions were simply to draw or write things that would remind them that God will be with them when they are afraid. about ten minutes later gracie (who sat on the inflatables for the whole hour that morning because she was afraid of the fish in the lake) came back with this little gem...

it says: i ain't afraid of no fish. i will jump in very happily next year. i will not sit on the inflatables the whole time next year. how great is that? i wish it were next year already...i'm having withdrawals!

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