January 12, 2012

the airport pictures i've been waiting for...

i've been hoping and praying for these pictures for awhile and i smile from ear to ear every time i look at them. they combine two things i have come to love...adoption and blogs.

when i was younger (side note: it actually pained me to write that phrase) i often said i would one day adopt a kid from africa. i didn't really know what i was saying. i think my thought process went something like this: i love kids. african kids are terribly cute. this must be a good idea. i've since given the idea some actual grown-up thought and adoption is still something i'd like to pursue someday.

the pictures above are of the via family. their daughter alethia came home yesterday. it was a beautiful day. it's been a long, hard road for them. not as long as some, but long just the same. i met this family through my second new love...blogs.

the via's and i are what i like to call 2nd degree friends. not in a black belt kind of way, but in a 6 degrees of kevin bacon kind of way. they went to seminary with my friend lindsey and i got to know them through their blog. we've actually e-mailed back and forth a bit (she was my original cvs resource) and are kind of like real friends now.

i remember when i first heard that someone i knew was writing a blog. i thought they were nuts. why on earth would you want to type out your personal thoughts and memories for the world to see? i would never do that. well, as a wise lad once said...never say never.

originally i used blogs solely as a way to keep up with my 1st degree friends. (aka people i actually know) i've always loved knowing what everyday life looks for others, even before facebook and social media put it at my fingertips. i started writing a blog on a whim, and i'm oh-so-glad i did. it wasn't until recently that i realized this, but i'm not just sharing my life with others, i'm gradually writing my life story. (which sounds very lifetime movie-ish) i've come to love reading other blogs that reason...i love life stories. i've always been a fan of biographies, specifically ones with a good storyline. there have been multiples times in the recent past that i've come across a good blog and proceeded to read it from beginning to end. (or technically from end to beginning...that is a major drawback) at first i felt a little guilty about it being a time-waster, but then i realized it's really just an online biography. and i love them. it's my new hobby.

in case you're in the market for a good read, let me direct you to one of my favorites...jen hatmaker. i'm guessing we're probably 2nd or 3rd degree friends, though i can't prove it just yet. the woman is hilarious. and real. and makes you think. which are my three favorite qualities in a blogger.
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