November 5, 2012

i said yes to the dress

in a shocking turn of events, i picked out and purchased my wedding gown exactly two and a half hours after the search began. no one was more surprised by this than me.  

kim, missy and my mom joined me for what was to be an initial scouting trip. the goal for the day was simply to try on a lot of dresses and get an idea of what i might be looking for. when they asked what would happen if i found 'the one' on this visit, i chuckled. given my poor shopping and decision making abilities, i was certain that would not be an issue. but just to appease my entourage, i picked a conservative dollar amount as an absolute max for the day and off we went. nine dresses in...there she was. exactly one penny shy of the max for the day. of course, being the thorough and slightly ocd person that i am, i still had to try on the rest of the dresses on the possibility rack. and put 'the one' on again. and wear it around the store for thirty minutes. and consider the possibility of buyers remorse. but in the end, i did it. i made the decision. i rang the bell. i said yes to the dress!  

missy . marilyn . shelly

shelly . kim


neubiewaters said...


Christian said...

eeeeeeep! can't wait to see pictures!

Susan Carr said...

Hurrah! So Fun! I'm sure it's gorgeous!

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