May 9, 2013

the big sale : round one

to say that i sometimes get overwhelmed by our house is a bit of an understatement. having never owned a house before, i've never had quite so much living space to deal with and i have discovered that organizing the stuff of two people is much different than organizing the stuff of one.

though we have been making progress over the past few months, much of it is not especially obvious. we have yet to 'finish' an area where i can sit and bask in the organization of it all. some days this gets me a bit discouraged, but then i came across a post on a blog i enjoy that made me feel better. the author made the comment that takes at least a year to fully move into somewhere new, and even longer if it's a home that's a bit of a fixer upper. and when i think about it that way, we're actually doing pretty well.

we've had our first garage sale, where we were able to unload quite a few unneeded items. and with the help of our personal landscaper [also known as donald's mom] we have also cleared a good amount of brush out of the backyard. we still have a long way to go, but we're making progress.

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