June 12, 2013

the camping trip that almost wasn't

we had quite an eventful start to donald's second ever non-parking lot camping adventure. but since his first camping trip involved a group of eight year olds lost in the wilderness [he being one of said children], i guess i shouldn't have been surprised.  

camping weekend was scheduled to start not with camping, but with a cardinals game. mark and nicole had some extra tickets for friday night so we headed to the lou, delightfully oblivious to the pending weather events. we headed to the stadium and got settled into the bank of america club just in time to have something to eat before the game was called off due to the impending storm. not wanting our night go to waste, we high tailed it over to ronnie's cinema to catch a movie. we arrived just as the rain began only to find the lobby crammed with people watching the local weather on the lobby screen, since all the theaters had just been shut down because of the tornado. long story not very short, we waited out the storm, called it a night and headed home to play cards instead.

bright and early saturday morning we got a call from our campground saying the river was rising and that they strongly advised we not make the trip. so we scrapped the plan of camping and canoeing on the gasconade river and headed to cuivre river state park instead.  

thankfully the rest of the weekend was relatively drama free, if you don't count nighttime raccoon invasions, and donald even said he'd go camping again.

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