December 28, 2013

a very merry bearcat christmas

this year during the dyer family christmas festivities our niece maddie requested that we all sing the twelve days of christmas together, which when sung correctly is the holiday version of the song that never ends. during this rousing rendition i recalled another version i penned many years ago entitled 'the twelve days of christmas: sbu style'.

and so without further ado, i give you my entry into the great leslie hall door decorating contest of 1997...

on the twelfth day of christmas c. pat taylor gave to me...

twelve chapel skips
eleven meller's wraps
ten trips to springfield
nine soccer players
eight singing blue headz
seven days vacation
six bolivar drivers
five engagement rings
four football games
three loads of laundry
two parking tickets
and a freezing purple fountain in the forum!

sad to say we didn't take home the prize, but this little gem is a prize all its own.

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