June 6, 2016

an open apology

i would like to convey my deepest and most sincere apologies to my faithful blog reader, and favorite uncle, michael harry meinhardt. at our recent family reunion i incorrectly stated that he had participated in the miniature golf tournament at the previous reunion. i was mistaken. upon further review of the photographic evidence it became clear that the golfing foursome i had remembered playing with was merely a threesome. the only explanation i can offer is that i was simply remembering things the way i wish they had been, as opposed to the way they were.

i humbly offer this public apology in hopes that he will not hold it against me and make no effort to collect the agreed upon wager of one thousand dollars. i also hope that he will one day consider reentering the sport of miniature golf and will at that time agree to play on my team.

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