July 22, 2017

the one where donald becomes a nurse

it's honestly all very surreal. donald becoming a nurse has basically been the goal we've been working toward since we got married, and now that it's here we're just kind of staring at each other in disbelief. 

nursing school is a trip. you start the process strong, ready for what lies ahead. 

you take your prerequisites [even the stupid ones]. this takes much longer than you initially anticipate. 

you apply to a program. 

you get accepted! 

you cross all the t's and dot all the i's so you can actually start the program.

you fall into the same rhythm each semester:

survive the clinical rotations. 

pass this big test. 

pass that big test. 

pass the final. 

and pass the class. wash. rinse. repeat.

then comes what feels like the big day. the last final. the end is so close. 

you pass: the test. the class. the semester. the PROGRAM! you graduate. 

but then...

you keep studying. because there is yet another test to take.

you study. and you wait.

a month after graduating you FINALLY get your boards scheduled, but alas, the test is still another month away.

you study some more. and you wait some more.

it seems it will never end.

and then one day...

it does.

he's a nurse.  now and forever amen.

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