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just another israelite...

the israelites. possibly the most forgetful people group in history. and they were really, really good at complaining.

here's basically what went down...the israelites are God's chosen people. this is a good start for them. life is good for while, but then there is a famine and everyone ends up in egypt. fast forward four hundred years and the israelites actually become slaves to the egyptians. big bummer. but, lucky for them, God hasn't forgotten them or the promises He made to them. so He puts on a pretty good show (lots of frogs and hail, parting a sea, etc.) and breaks the israelites out of bondage. they should be thrilled, right? wrong. what is their response to this amazing turn of events? to the fact that God continues to show up day after day to lead them and feed them? they start complaining. umm...hello!?! did you forget what just happened?

sometimes i just shake my head and feel sorry for them. it's like they couldn't see past the end of their noses. or remember the great things God did for them in their recent past. and then i realize...i'm just like them. God did something cool for me on monday (this is a true story) and now, forty eight hours later, i am fighting the urge to whine and complain because i haven't seen any progress on this subject in two days.

two. days.

have i lost my mind? am i potentially even more forgetful than the israelites? i am hoping that the Lord decides to heap on the grace and mercy and not decide that i need forty years in the proverbial desert to get my head on straight. the goal for today? to remember and be thankful. and to work on my patience.


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storms, star wars and summer...

friday morning i rolled over in bed and noticed donald looking at me intently as if he wanted me to wake up.  i mumbled some incoherent jargon questioning why in the world he would be waking me up at the crack of 9:30 in the morning.  and then we had this conversation:
d: i think the power is still out.
s: okay.  did it storm?
d: yes, it was very bad.  it looked like a monsoon outside.  i considered waking you up so we could go to the basement.
s: [rolls eyes] i'm sure it wasn't that bad.
fast forward a few minutes.  donald looks out the window and sees that one of our [very large] backyard trees has fallen into the power lines that run parallel to our house and all the lines connecting the pole to our house had been pulled away and were lying in the yard.  i guess there was a storm after all.

this kicked off our already fun filled weekend a little early.  after a bit of sitting around and twiddling our thumbs [what did people do with themselves before the internet] we ventured outs…

anniversary number four...

i have to admit...this one kind of snuck up on me.  with all the birthday hoopla immediately following christmas i've been at bit lost in the calendar.  a whole week seemed to disappear without my realizing it and when missy asked about our anniversary plans on tuesday i muttered something about figuring it out next week.  to which she replied, "it's in two days".  whoopsie!
thankfully our fried chicken tradition takes some of the pressure out of the planning process.  we started the night at gus's world famous fried chicken and then hung out at the up-down with all the youngins.  donald was like a kid in a candy story reliving his arcade days.  his favorites were ms. pac-man, x-men and taking turns on crazy taxi; i basically stuck to skee ball and serving drinks to the patrons on tapper.  we wrapped up the night with fudge stuffed peanut butter cookies at tannin, because that's what donald's dreams are made of.  

the absence of the countdown chain...

i love countdown chains. love. them. unfortunately, i have to exert some self control and save them for major events. because if you had a countdown chain for just every little thing, they'd lose their magic.
one of the first things i got excited about after taking this teaching job was the prospect of a glorious countdown chain. i figured that since the cruise was so close to the end of the quarter, i'd just make a chain to countdown to the trip. i was tempted to make it right away, but decided to hold off. my goal was to make it past the 'honeymoon' stage of the job, and bring in the chain when things started feeling dull. but all those silly snow days kept me from needing extra motivation and alas, i waited too long.