October 13, 2010

just another israelite...

the israelites. possibly the most forgetful people group in history. and they were really, really good at complaining.

here's basically what went down...the israelites are God's chosen people. this is a good start for them. life is good for while, but then there is a famine and everyone ends up in egypt. fast forward four hundred years and the israelites actually become slaves to the egyptians. big bummer. but, lucky for them, God hasn't forgotten them or the promises He made to them. so He puts on a pretty good show (lots of frogs and hail, parting a sea, etc.) and breaks the israelites out of bondage. they should be thrilled, right? wrong. what is their response to this amazing turn of events? to the fact that God continues to show up day after day to lead them and feed them? they start complaining. umm...hello!?! did you forget what just happened?

sometimes i just shake my head and feel sorry for them. it's like they couldn't see past the end of their noses. or remember the great things God did for them in their recent past. and then i realize...i'm just like them. God did something cool for me on monday (this is a true story) and now, forty eight hours later, i am fighting the urge to whine and complain because i haven't seen any progress on this subject in two days.

two. days.

have i lost my mind? am i potentially even more forgetful than the israelites? i am hoping that the Lord decides to heap on the grace and mercy and not decide that i need forty years in the proverbial desert to get my head on straight. the goal for today? to remember and be thankful. and to work on my patience.

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