October 9, 2010

tiny little dancers...

marni and i have been friends since way back in the day. we graduated from kindergarten together at weldon spring school (which we will love evermore) and graduated from francis howell together thirteen years later. as you can imagine, we made quite a few memories over the years.
class parties . balloon day . girl scout camp outs . brownies . dance class . field trips . new kids on the block . slumber parties . six flags . our birthday parties (or maybe not) . francis howell show choir . pizza man videos . lip syncs . rock-a-thons . the flute . bagel bites . dr pepper . ice cream cake . the taco bell dresses . curlers on the way to school . couple skates . and many, many more

and a week from today we'll be making new memories on her wedding day!


Joy said...

you haven't changed at all! adorable dancing pic!

the broomes said...

That is one seriouly cute little dancer pic, shell. COME VISIT THE BROOMES AND BROWNS!!!!:)

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