33 pennies...

July 18, 2012

it's pretty standard for my birthday to last longer than just one day and this year was no exception.  the free food started rolling in about week early, but the best part came on my birthday eve.  we rolled in from omaha around 9pm and the most spectacular birthday penny scavenger hunt you have ever seen was waiting.  there were thirty four pennies hidden all over the house, one from each year i've been alive.  (yes, technically that makes the title of this post incorrect, but i'm only thirty three...it's confusing)  donald left me a note and a game board and the search was on.  i was a penny finding machine, and i was pretty good at finding the bonus prizes too.  i blazed through the first half in about thirty minutes and then it started getting tricky.  kim and my mom helped a bit, but there were a few stragglers that we couldn't find until the next day.  it was SUPER fun.

after a breakfast of gas station donuts on my birthday morning we headed to the pool for a bit before my mom "threw me a birthday party" at noodles for lunch.

mom . donald . kim
shelly . christy . tommy

the nighttime festivities included a super fun game night at grant & erica's house.  we feasted on cheese ball, funky punch and peach crisp/cobbler/pie and played the night away.  it was hilarious and fun.  the best birthday game night i ever did have.

donald . shelly
erica . grant . missy . kim

i just love birthdays.  and i'm so thankful i have family and friends that know that and try really hard to make it special and fun.  i enjoyed lots of birthday wishes and had a perfectly lovely day.  happy 33rd birthday to me!

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