July 18, 2012

we're cheering for the umpire

kim and i have had quite the string of house guests lately, the most recent being christy (my second cousin), tommy (my second cousin once removed) and my mom (still my mom). my house was the halfway point on our journey to visit matt (christy's brother) and watch him work. but before we headed north to cheer on our favorite umpire, we had a little fun kansas city style. since tommy is a big fan of all things lego, we hit up the new legoland at crown center. we played, built, rode and watched...my personal favorite was miniland. lots of kansas city buildings and icons made entirely of legos. it was pretty sweet. once we had partaken of the full experience we headed over to fritz's for hamburgers delivered by train.  

christy . tommy . lego conductor man . donald . shelly

saturday  morning we loaded up the car and headed to omaha for a weekend filled with america's favorite pastime. it was a fierce rivalry between the omaha storm chasers and the iowa cubs, but we were more interested in the guys in black and blue. matt worked the plate on saturday night and third base on sunday afternoon. it was by far the best umpiring i've ever seen. as an added bonus we had wonderful weather...it was cool and breezy all weekend long. (that's not true)

mom . me

mom . matt . shelly . tommy

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