July 23, 2012

hillbilly heaven...

awhile back i was lamenting with some of the behrs about the fact that we haven't been able to take our annual beach vacation the past couple years.  we decided that if we couldn't make it to the beach we should at least do the next best thing, which is obviously branson.  we took a short but sweet trip to the ozark mountains to eat deliciously authentic mexican food and play at silver dollar city.  

waiting in line to see the pretty girls at the saloon show
megan . jacob . shelly . matthew . gracie

words can't really describe what was going on here.  it was voted hands down the best part of the trip.  there is a fairly large ride at silver dollar city called the giant barn swing.  as someone who is not especially a fan of roller coasters, i would personally rank this as a medium level thrill ride.  you would think that a macho high school graduate would be able to handle such a ride, but you would be wrong.  soon after the ride began matthew started crying like a little girl.  he was hanging on for dear life saying things like "no, no, no" and "please make it stop".  it was hilarious.

jacob . matthew . gracie . kim

he did manage to pull it together and we all got gangsta-fied and took one of those old time photos.  i just don't know why so many guns are pointed at me.

matthew . gracie . jacob
marilyn . chris . kim . shelly . megan

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