May 27, 2008

don't know much about history...

...but i do now!! i have some movie recommendations for anyone interested. they're not movies i plan to own, but watching them greatly increased my historical knowledge.

the first is charlie wilsons war, which is based on a true story. it is set during the cold war...which i now know is when the soviets invaded afghanistan because they wanted to take over the world (shelly's paraphrase). it also gives a glimpse of how afghanistan became the kind of country it is today. i had to pause this movie a few times to get some explanations and to look at maps so i could understand everything, but it was well worth it. **disclaimer - there is a very adult scene at the with caution**

soon after you've seen that, watch (or maybe read) the kite runner. it chronicles the life of a man who grew up in afghanistan and shows how the country changed beginning just previous to the cold war and ending in present day. it's kind of a heavy movie, but very worthwhile to see a glimpse of what life was and is really like for the afghan people.

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Joy said...

just watched charlie wilson's war last night. i really enjoyed it, too!

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