May 11, 2008

california dreamin...

as you may have figured out from the last post, i spent the last week with some of my favorite friends. tara and i met my freshman year at sbu on the croatia mission trip and we've been friends ever since. naturally when they got hitched, matt had to be my friend too! i really can't say enough how much i love this family...tara and i are like twins separated at birth (if you think i'm cheap and overly organized, just imagine me times two) and even though matt is outnumbered when i visit, i think he actually gets more excited than anyone else! they now have two beautiful daughters who love their aunt shay-shay and i was getting to meet tori michelle for the very first time. here's some pictures of the fun...

shelly and sophia

tori michelle

who do you love?
it took a lot of self control to not post a billion pictures of these cute girls, but if you want to see more, feel free to check out my facebook album.

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