September 23, 2008

the story of stuff...

over the past few months i have become a bit of a tree hugger. no, i haven't started a compost pile in the backyard (though i did get a "keep it clean, keep it green" t-shirt for my birthday), but i am more aware of how much, and what, i throw away. the fascinating thing that i quickly discovered is that my insane frugality happens to go hand in hand with being kind to the earth. the less stuff you buy, the less stuff you have, the less stuff that gets thrown away. the less you drive, the less gas you buy, the less pollution goes into the air. it's simple math (though i don't think the grammar exactly works).

yesterday i came across this cool video, that i think it worth sharing. it really makes some interesting points and will hopefully encourage people to stop and think how their personal decisions affect not only the earth, but more importantly, our fellow humans. it's about 20 minutes long...which i know may seem impossibly long for some of you (especially the moms out there), but if you're going to be blog surfing or facebooking anyway, you might as well have it playing in the background!

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Beth said...

Ben told me about this video. I LOVED it!

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