December 14, 2008

an idealistic dreamer...

remember those great conversations in college, where you would sit around for hours talking to these interesting and wonderful people you were lucky enough to call friends? the topics could be anything…life, love, theology, the future, changing the world and of course brainstorming for the next great prank. time was never a factor. these convos could happen at any hour of the day and last an infinite amount of time. (because conversations such as these were often much more important than going to class)

these days, these conversations are fewer and harder to come by. at times it seems as though life (aka adult-hood) had taken over. i came across this quote about ‘growing up’ the other day, “it’s hard to determine whether we are settling for less or if we’re coming to a healthy understanding of our place. it’s not that we don’t still have the desire (to change the world), but maybe the world we have desired to conquer has changed or grown smaller.” for me it’s really hard to tell the difference, at least for myself. when i look at the lives of my friends, i can see how they are still making an impact with their lives, even in the midst of the everyday tasks of working and/or raising a family. but it’s harder for me to look at my own life objectively and decide if my desire not to settle for less is legit, or if i have unrealistic expectations of what life can/should look like.

any thoughts?

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