December 17, 2008

special delivery...

if you’ve been checking your mailbox in anxious anticipation of my christmas card, i’m sorry to say you may be disappointed. i’m breaking tradition and blogging my card this year, so here it is for you to enjoy.

this season i’ve been especially mindful of the realities of life; people who are hurting in the midst of a time of celebration and joy. even though holidays are especially difficult for some, i think these hard times actually make the birth of our savior that much sweeter. the other day i heard a chris rice song on the radio and i haven’t been able to get the words out of my head:

tears are falling, hearts are breaking
how we need to hear from God.
you’ve been promised, we’ve been waiting
welcome holy child.

how great it is to be able to rejoice in that fact that even in the midst of a life on earth that is often hard, our savior has come. he didn’t come to make our lives perfect, but he does bring us hope. so welcome holy child…we’re so thankful you came.

enjoy this celebration of the birth of our savior, and treasure the time you spend with your family…it’s a blessing.

merry christmas!

love, shelly


Heather's Haven said...

Shelly, your post was beautiful. God is so good, to send us a Savior when we are so undeserving. I am thankful for that promise. Have a blessed holiday!

Joy said...

wow! i love the words to that song! thanks for the blog greetings!

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