January 16, 2009

i just love birthdays...

laugh if you'd like, but happy half birthday to me! that's right, today i turned 29 1/2. normally there is not a whole lot of fanfare surrounding my half birthday, aside from me announcing it to whoever i happen to come in contact with that day (and my wonderful mom sending me a card), but today was a different story. (it is, after all, a pretty important half) i was working at john knox and when i came back into the office from serving lunch i was showered with confetti and streamers as amber yelled "happy half birthday!" it was a delightful surprise, complete with balloons and a bag of popcorn. the residents i work with are great (and often amusing), but my co-workers entertain my crazy ideas and are equally fun!

and just because i like to show off my friends, here's a picture from last fall when we celebrated the 80th birthday of our faithful and fabulous volunteer carol.

shelly . amber . carol . dia

1 comment:

beth said...

this is hilarious and awesome. i love that your coworker celebrated your halfbirthday for you!!

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