April 15, 2009

a delightful discovery...

i've never been a fan of 'sports drinks'...gatorade, powerade, etc. they all taste like watered down kool-aid...and why would one drink watered down kool-aid when you could be drinking the real thing? but thanks to the magic of coupons, i recently fell in love with vitamin water.

does vitamin water taste better than its competitors? nope...still has that same old watered down taste. so why the change of heart? read on and you shall see...

that's right folks...30 is the new 20. and as someone who is on the upper end of that equation, i am indebted to the vitamin water company for sharing this very important fact with the world.

1 comment:

Joy said...

when i turned 30, i got two cards that said 30 was the new 10, so you may be even younger than you think! :)

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