April 13, 2009

happy thirty my friend...

thirty reasons missy has always been,
and will always be,
my friend:

1 – she knows the exact location of the sunshine bus stop

2 – she invites me to eat with her family…and she does it often

3 – we share the same feeling of mortification when we think back to the skits we performed every year at the salem camp talent show…and when we remember they are well documented on video

4 – she has that sweet little sophie rose

5 – she has read a larger volume of books than anyone else i’ve ever met

6 – she once had to pee so bad when we were on the bus coming home from camp that she cried in order to convince them to stop (editors note: the reason she had to pee so bad was that she had guzzled a large soda minutes before boarding the bus so she could compete in a burping contest with a bunch of boys)

7 – she enjoys musicals as much as i do

8 – we met in the two year old sunday school class…and there’s just not many people who can say that

9 – she also had to endure the obscene number of college visits our mothers arranged for us

10 – it boosts my self esteem when i remember the permed bangs she and jen sported in the late elementary years…and how i managed to avoid that fad

11 – she knows all the cool places to eat in kansas city

12 – she’s not necessarily quick to share her opinion, but is a very thorough thinker

13 – she has a bigger m.a.m.a. trophy collection than I do

14 – she can probably still recite the major points of the westminster catechism from salem confirmation

15 – seeing as how she has known me my whole life, especially during my socially questionable junior high days, she knows way to many embarrassing things about me

16 – she came to visit my planet of blue people in the musical ‘out of this world’

17 – she doesn’t find it abnormal for me to take two slices of bread from her house so i can make a peanut butter sandwich the next day

18 – she came to all my birthday party sleepovers

19 – she was a ‘pooper-scooper’ in a parade…and i have the photos to prove it

20 - she is a really great garage sale helper

21 – she lets me be part of her family and refers to me as ‘aunt shelly’

22 – she is one of the few people who knows the names of my family, church friends, high school friends and college friends

23 – she is one of shellylynn photography’s biggest fans

24 – she takes me to the lake so i can lay in the hammock and eat a weeks worth of food rations in 48 hours

25 – between church and recitals, we’ve performed together so many times we'd be rich if we had started charging admission

26 – she runs a very reliable airport taxi service

27 – in our high school days we took many summer evening slushie runs in that teal ford tempo

28 – she’s a good mom…she trains and disciplines with a purpose

29 – we both enjoyed the wild and zany times of the calvary church youth group, which included, but was not limited to, tomato fighting, fish head slinging and the glass olympics

30 - i know that i can always count on her, for sure...that's what friends are for

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