December 14, 2010

i never thought i'd say this, but...

in an unusual and somewhat shocking turn of events, i have found myself employed as a full time teacher for two months. not a substitute, but a real kind of teacher with my own class and my own district provided laptop. the kind where i have to come up with lesson plans and inspire the next generation.

last friday afternoon i was minding my own business as a sub at my favorite school, when i was called into the principal's office. she assured me i hadn't done anything wrong, but they were actually offering me a position as a tiger quest teacher for third quarter. there had been four teachers lined up for some time, but one had to back out at the last minute. training was scheduled for monday, tuesday and basically they were desperate. i reminded her i am not certified, nor do i have any kind of education in education, but evidently desperate times call for desperate measures.

i was overwhelmed at the thought of it, to say the least, but agreed to think about the offer over the weekend. after consulting with my board of advisers, and some chatting with the Chairman, i decided to go for it.

the class starts after christmas break and runs through spring break...ten weeks. (can we say countdown chain?!?) it's a class they have created to help students with skills needed to improve their scores on the missouri standardized test and it's funded by a grant. i'll be teaching seventh grade language arts, which is great because my best friend in the building is a seventh grade language arts genius and she's promised to help me through. (although i'm willing to bet she may eventually regret making that offer)

i've been 'training' for two days and my head is swimming in a sea of abbreviations and education lingo i do not understand. this will be an adventure, no doubt. and when i get overwhelmed i will stare at my workbook, click my heels three times and remember there's no place like home.


Jenn Beyer said...

yea shelly!!! I'm sure you'll do great - can't wait to hear about ALL the stories! :)

Adam, Connie, Josiah, and Bella said...

Congrats, Shelly! Just think of this as another one of your adventures...who knows where it may lead you!?
Miss you, friend!

the broomes said...

wow, Shell! That's pretty cool! I'm sure you'll do great...and probably really enjoy the challenge. Can't wait to hear about it. Love ya.

Mimi said...

OMG SHELLY!! I'm with Beyer - the stories...can't wait to hear them!!

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