February 19, 2011

cruisin' with the classics...

one short week from today i'll be setting sail for a week in the carribbean, where it is a lovely eighty degrees. just me, my mom and a rousing group that is essentially made up of senior citizens.

a few months ago my mom started talking about wanting to go on a cruise with the classics from church. (read: the sixty and over crowd) she asked around to see if any of her friends would be interested and/or available to go and when they weren't, i got the nod to be her roommate. score one for me. i immediately went to work convincing our friends bonnie and gary to come along as well.

i envision a lot of laying in the sun, reading, playing games (bonnie LOVES games) and most importantly...eating. i am so looking forward to multiples meals of real food every day. we're sailing from ft. lauderdale on a holland america ship and will be porting in grand turk, san juan, st. thomas and half moon cay. we've looked into shore excursions and i'm holding out hope that we might even get my mom into a kayak.


Beth said...

Yay! Cruises with friends are SO fun! You were right! Enjoy!!!

Jenn Beyer said...

have a BLAST!!! So jealous!!! :)

Julie Shaw said...

Have so much fun! Wish we were going!!!

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