February 9, 2011

the ninth on the ninth...

it is 9:12 in the morning. right about now i should be inspiring my students with examples of cause and effect words and other such riveting subjects. but i am not. instead, i am at home sitting in a chair, because we are having a snow day. our ninth snow day. ninth. the most snow days in the history of the world.

when this teaching opportunity first came along, i was hesitant about a few things. one of which was the full time nature of the job. lucky for me, full time has been a relative term this quarter. we have had exactly one full week of school. ironically, due to holidays and teacher work days, the next opportunity for a full week of school happens to fall on the week i will be on a large ship, sailing through the caribbean. (more on that later)

in the few and far between days i have actually been at school, i've discovered i sort of like having a job. maybe not so much that i need to have one all the time, but it has actually been kinda fun. i love my cart, which i've already mentioned, but it bears repeating. i love the organizational side of being a teacher, specifically entering grades into the grade book. it's heavenly. i like having co-workers and immensely enjoy the four minutes we have every hour to stand in the hallway and talk. (when i'm not busy running students over with said cart) i even like my students. especially my fifth hour, they're my favorite. i'm not sure if you're supposed to have a favorite, but i do. i like going to the same place every day and having something to do. i love checking things off my to-do list.

of course there are also my not-so-favorite things. i'm not especially fond of my alarm clock and the fact that it wakes me up every day at 6:20am. lesson planning is still a challenge, but i haven't had a repeat of my near nervous breakdown from my first major lesson planning session, so i'd say i'm improving. i don't especially like it when i have to teach a b-o-r-i-n-g lesson for forty seven minutes, six times in a row. those days are dull.

thankfully, my 'likes' are outweighing my 'dislikes' at the moment, so snow days and all...it'd say it's a pretty good gig.

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