March 7, 2011

the cruise report...

old people are great. not only are they entertaining to be around (you never know what they'll say next) they are also good for your self-esteem. they were always telling me how nice i looked at dinner and how much fun i am. plus they laughed at all my jokes. i've never felt better about myself. the only drawback is the fact that 99% of all conversations end up on the topic of medication. but hey...nothings perfect. we had a wonderful time. ate a ton, went on some adventures and laughed a lot. here's a quick rundown of the highlights:

day one:
  • i imposed a "mandatory" tour of the entire ship for my mom, bonnie, gary and myself (which i know jenn is proud of)
  • discovered the best dessert of the week: fruit crisp. i know it sounds simple, but it was stinkin' amazing. we ate it every day.
  • began our nightly card playing ritual
day two: @ sea
  • relaxed in the sun
  • met my favorite towel animal of the week...elmer
day three: grand turk
  • went kayaking and 'hiking'...and even brought my mom along
  • starred in a cruise ship tv show (slight exaggeration: i just kept walking back and forth behind the cruise director as he filmed the daily bulletin for the next day, but i was on tv all day long!)
day four: san juan
  • flew through the rain forest on a zip line
  • visited the bar that invented the pina colada
day five: st. thomas
  • underwater sea helmet trek...definitely the most unique adventure of the trip
day six: @ sea
  • played cards by the pool
  • dressed up for formal night
  • found out i won the oscar ballot contest...i had a gift bag of goodies and a bottle of champagne waiting for me in our room
day seven: half moon cay
  • read in a hammock on the beach and floated in the ocean
  • went jet skiing with gary
  • ate the final fruit crisp of the week...sadly
  • found a five dollar casino chip. put it on red. doubled the money.
more pictures and commentary for your viewing pleasure in the facebook album

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