January 25, 2013

the stamp story

our wedding invitation stamps caused quite a stir (and i'm sure the post office just loved me). a number of people asked about them, and many wondered if they had been the only lucky ones to receive them. the story is that the stamps were originally a collection that belonged to my dad. for vintage stamps like these to be worth money, they typically need to still be attached in a large sheet. at some point in the past, my dad's stamps had been torn apart and after a little research we found that aside from a possible small exception here or there, they were basically only worth the postage printed on them. so in what i believe was a stroke of genius, i decided i would hold onto the stamps and use them to mail my wedding invitations one day.

and that day arrived. the postage was free, the envelopes were memorable, it sparked many a conversation and it brought a little part of my dad into our day. i say that's a win.

and just for fun...a little peek at our invitations


Mimi said...


The invitation is so PLAYFUL!!

Seriously - you're a GENIUS!!

Christian said...

a total win. except for the part where i'm crying. but whatever.

Beth said...

What a great idea! Very creative & meaningful!

Anonymous said...

Shelly & Donald,
Congratulations! Many blessings for both of you as you grow together in love, in life, and in service to Christ.
Michelle (Connie's mom)

Amber Segalo said...

Love hearing the back story to this. Just makes the stamps ever 10 times better. And they wete awesome....I showed so many people. And kept it as well.

Mary Anne said...

What a terrific idea! Congrats again!

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