January 12, 2013

the wedding party

tara [baines] arden : matron of honor
tara and shelly are like two peas in a pod; they think alike, they plan alike and they spend alike. their friendship began in croatia, on a mission trip with sbu. since then, tara has been a great source of encouragement and wisdom. tara lives in california with her husband matt and daughters sophia and tori.

kim twogood : maid of honor

kim and shelly are the female version of the odd couple. their friendship began at sbu on leslie third south and has since been filled with lots of laughter, both real and fake. they have become like family as they've experienced all the ups and downs of life together. kim is a kindergarten teacher and lives in lee's summit where she and shelly have been roommates for eight years.

missy [grob] thomassy : bridesmaid

legend has it that missy and shelly met in the two year old sunday school class at salem church. they share memories from every stage of life, including those awkward tween years, and have the unfortunate photo evidence to prove it. missy lives in kansas city with her husband andy and daughter sophie.

jackie [young] bass : bridesmaid

jackie and shelly became roommates at sbu about they same time they both joined a discipleship group called, 'the group'. their friendship grew quickly thanks to jackie's no nonsense approach of asking thought provoking questions and sparking interesting conversation. she lives in bolivar with her husband clint, son gt and twin girls verity and hildy.

lindsey [prosser] broome : bridesmaid

after graduating from sbu, lindsey and shelly were roommates in bolivar for a year, where they consumed more cracker candy then was probably wise. lindsey is genuine and kind, but also has a delightful spunky streak. she currently lives in washington, missouri with her husband fred and children joshua, anna bell, caleb and ezra.

danny dyer : best man

danny is not only donald's brother, but also one of his best friends. back in the day they spent their time playing wiffle ball in the backyard and riding bikes back and forth between the fire hydrants. danny is now a pastor and has become quite a voracious reader. he recently relocated back to the kansas city area with his wife mallory, daughter maddie and son beau.

david dyer : best man

david is donald's youngest brother and just so happens to be the funniest person he knows. david loves for donald to tell him stories from the old days and also loves reminiscing about quality episodes of full house, family matters and the golden girls. though david currently lives in las vegas, his heart will always belong to raytown.

mark berry : groomsman

mark and donald were roommates in landon hall at sbu. they bonded over a shared love of the stl cardinals, mizzou tigers and playing cards. he is famous for his quirky comebacks and is known for being a positive influence among his friends. mark lives st. louis with his wife nicole and his children, jordan and james.

matthew adams : groomsman

adams and donald became friends at sbu, despite the duct tape divide that was placed between them during college basketball season. there are few people with a greater positive outlook than matthew. his encouragement, plus his spiritual guidance, have equaled a constant friendship. matthew and his wife shannon have two girls, marin and jane.

zach white : groomsman

zach and donald met playing basketball together in high school. while walking the halls of blue ridge christian school, you could frequently hear zach say, "who are the two coolest guys walking down the hall right now? that's right, me and this guy". donald was very proud to be "this guy". zach lives in kansas city with his wife claire and daughter elizabeth.

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