December 30, 2014

the twelve dyer days of christmas

technically speaking i think our christmas festivities stretched over ten days instead of twelve, but i'm rounding up.  we had a house full of friends and family staying with us and stopping by all week leading up to christmas and that's just how we like it.  our sleep schedules took a bit of a hit, but it was definitely worth it.  [plus we're pretty spoiled in the sleep department to begin with, so we can't really complain]  

this was also the first year for me to not be in st. louis on christmas day.  fortunately my family is flexible and we just pushed everything back twenty four hours and had 'pretend christmas'...i hardly even noticed the difference!

so to remember this week of fun and festivities, i've created our own 2014 version of the twelve dyer days of christmas...

the number of times i jumped up and down after we opened gifts with my mom

the number of interesting raytownians we encountered at dyer family bowling night

the number of friends who came over to four more via skype

the number of meinhardt's playing and singing at the annual sing-a-long
[including the brand new baby ava]

the number of succotash games we played

the number of overnight guests that stayed with us

the pounds of potatoes mashed in the church kitchen for the cockrell christmas eve

the number of $5 bills frozen in to a block of ice for carson's christmas gift

the number of songs i sang in the lakeland christmas eve choir

the number of happy hosts [i'm counting dag]

the strings of lights glowing in the living room

magical week of christmas festivities

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