January 14, 2015

the dark sides

we all have our quirks and idiosyncrasies. sometimes these peculiar behaviors of ours even start to rub off on the people around us. specifically the people we live with. this happened to us.

donald has this one particular trait that seems to rub off on his roommates without fail. that would be his sleeping pattern. the one similar to that of a bat. to be fair, he has worked the evening shift faithfully for over ten years, so i can't say that i blame him for his tendency to go to bed just before the sun rises. his roommates over the years have had normal people schedules, but that doesn't seem to matter. slowly but surely, he brought them over to the dark side one by one. this usually resulted in everyone who lived with him being sleep deprived, but they also amassed a large collection of movie watching and video game playing memories...so i suppose it evens out.  

now i have never been accused of being a morning person, but before getting married i was typically in bed by eleven and sleeping in usually meant nine. not so much anymore. i won't disclose our wake up times here because it makes us sound lazy and i'm not trying to make anyone jealous. but let's just say, i've stepped over to the dark side as well.

it will come as a surprise to no one that one of my delightful qualities is my inability to spend money quickly. or you could call it my innate ability to hold onto money for as long as possible. that sounds better. either way, cash certainly does not burn a hole in my pocket. 

prior to marriage, donald was a bit of the opposite. he loves trinkets, obscure snack foods, and any random thing at walmart he thinks might get a laugh out of someone someday. he also has a soft spot for electronics, namely televisions and smart phones. so when we got married we put some of our monetary gifts into a special tv fund, just for him.

fast forward almost two years. that's right...two years, and we're still watching the old television.  to be fair, donald had his eye on a couple of options that were slightly out of our current price range, so he used the first year to add a little bit more to the tv fund. but then, nothing. he googled. he browsed. he watched the sales. but he just couldn't pull the trigger. at this point i was actually encouraging him to just spend the money and get the tv already! in a recent television conversation he turned to me and said "i don't know how you did it. i don't know what's wrong with me. how did you turn me into you?" i just smiled. he had arrived on the dark side.

there is a glimmer of hope for him though. after giving myself a pep talk, i tagged along as donald picked out his beloved new tv and now i have a very happy husband.

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