January 26, 2015

anniversary number two

for the second birthday of our marriage we kept with tradition and opted for one of the fancier establishments on our 'fried chicken of kansas city' list. i wanted to figure out a way to make it feel like date night as opposed to just a dinner out so i pulled up a list of fun date questions i had recently come across and we started in. we predicted each others answers to some of the questions, but we both learned some new things too. we were only two thirds of the way through the list when we finished our chicken, so we scouted out a swanky coffee shop to hang out in while we finished up the list. it was a really fun date with my very favorite husband!


Joy said...

Love the idea of the questions and trying to predict each other's answers. You may need to share the list with me! :)

Christian said...

Happy anniversary! You look beautiful, Shelly!

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