July 1, 2015

storms, star wars and summer

friday morning i rolled over in bed and noticed donald looking at me intently as if he wanted me to wake up.  i mumbled some incoherent jargon questioning why in the world he would be waking me up at the crack of 9:30 in the morning.  and then we had this conversation:

d: i think the power is still out.

s: okay.  did it storm?

d: yes, it was very bad.  it looked like a monsoon outside.  i considered waking you up so we could go to the basement.

s: [rolls eyes] i'm sure it wasn't that bad.

fast forward a few minutes.  donald looks out the window and sees that one of our [very large] backyard trees has fallen into the power lines that run parallel to our house and all the lines connecting the pole to our house had been pulled away and were lying in the yard.  i guess there was a storm after all.

this kicked off our already fun filled weekend a little early.  after a bit of sitting around and twiddling our thumbs [what did people do with themselves before the internet] we ventured outside and determined we would not be back on the grid for awhile.  so we packed up dag, along with the contents of our refrigerator, and moved in with biscuit and pep pep.  between that, swapping stories with the neighbors and trying to squeeze in a little homework it was all of a sudden time for jedi nights.

i love our church for a lot of different reasons.  sometimes i like to think lakeland exists because God thought it would be fun to have a church just for people like donald.  the ratio of sci-fi/fantasy movie enthusiast to regular people is surprisingly low.  as you might imagine, the anticipation of the upcoming star wars movie is quite high and out of that came a fun event for kids and parents called jedi nights.  and when lakeland does an event like this, they do it up right.  donald was tapped to be darth vader and i know i am biased, but he stole the show.  the church rented a pretty serious vader costume and that combined with the light saber moves donald has been practicing for a couple decades made for an epic performance.  we did almost lose him to heat exhaustion a couple time [that costume was hot!] but he persevered and the kids totally loved it.

then came saturday and a day of lake fun!  scott and ali were in town so the king's invited a bunch of sbu-ers down for a little reunion.  i had been trying to concoct a plan that did not include driving down and back in a day, but with all the other excitement that's what ended up happening.  we left at 7:30am [yuck] and didn't roll back into raytona until 1am the next morning.  the drive was brutal but the day was awesome!  we spent twelve hours chillin' by the water with our college friends and their twenty six kids.  we took the boat out, swam off the dock, rode jet skis and laid in the sun [well, some of us sat in the shade].  it was good times.

by sunday i felt like a walking zombie but it was totally worth it.  our tree is still lying in its sad, mangled state but thankfully we hopped back on the power grid sunday afternoon.

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