July 30, 2015

the ardyer olympics

because the ardens have been coming to the midwest with such frequency the past few years, i was long overdue for a trip to see them. this was my first visit to their very own house, and i am now able to again say that i have visited them in every place they've ever lived. right after landing in sunny california we went straight from the airport to in-n-out. because of course we did. it's what we do. and spoiler alert: we stopped on our way back to the airport too.

after getting the grand house tour we settled in for a couple days of just hanging out together. which led to playing games. which led to the inaugural ardyer olympics. this is where one team [shelly, tara & sophia] competes against the other team [donald, matt & tori] in a variety of events over the course of our stay. the first official event was guesstures, which was also one of the most hilarious. there were also many other thrilling events like bocce ball, just dance and softball in the park.

as is our tradition during my visits, we also went on an out of town adventure. this time it was a day trip for a hike through muir woods and an afternoon in san francisco. we hit up the golden gate bridge and did a drive by of the full house house. we also rented a surrey bike for a ride through golden gate park. after our big loop of the park we ended up with some time to spare on our rental so we figured we should add an olympic event to our day in the form of surrey bike racing. we all came out in one piece so that's a win for everyone.

on our late night drive home tara had her heart set on stopping at a dutch bros. coffee because she'd heard such great things. siri helped us find one not too far off our route, but just as we turned into the parking lot they switched off the lights. it was so sad. and hilarious. so after spending saturday recovering from our busy day and lamenting the loss of a dutch bros. opportunity, we made the short trip to chico on sunday for not one, but two stops at dutch bros. we managed to fill up a punch card in a matter of hours. it was probably a world record.

we had a great visit and we're always thankful to get to spend time with our favorite ardens!

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