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the end of an era...

for the past five years i have been a big fan of walgreens. i've given them so much free publicity i've often thought i should be on the payroll. in the event you haven't heard me drone on and on about the benefits of the walgreens easy saver rebate program, i'll spare you the details and just tell you that it has supplemented my income significantly by providing free toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, light bulbs and dozens of other bathroom necessities.
but the day i feared would come has come at last...walgreens has discontinued the easy saver rebate program.
(i'll give you a moment to compose yourself)
they are replacing it with the newer, confusing, register reward program that i am still stumbling through. something about "proceeding in an exciting direction" and "offering our consumers new and improved services"...which to me just sounds like a cover up for "we no longer wish to supplement your income by providing fr…

a delightful discovery...

i've never been a fan of 'sports drinks'...gatorade, powerade, etc. they all taste like watered down kool-aid...and why would one drink watered down kool-aid when you could be drinking the real thing? but thanks to the magic of coupons, i recently fell in love with vitamin water.

does vitamin water taste better than its competitors? nope...still has that same old watered down taste. so why the change of heart? read on and you shall see...

that's right folks...30 is the new 20. and as someone who is on the upper end of that equation, i am indebted to the vitamin water company for sharing this very important fact with the world.

happy thirty my friend...

thirty reasons missy has always been, and will always be, my friend:

1 – she knows the exact location of the sunshine bus stop

2 – she invites me to eat with her family…and she does it often

3 – we share the same feeling of mortification when we think back to the skits we performed every year at the salem camp talent show…and when we remember they are well documented on video

4 – she has that sweet little sophie rose

5 – she has read a larger volume of books than anyone else i’ve ever met

6 – she once had to pee so bad when we were on the bus coming home from camp that she cried in order to convince them to stop (editors note: the reason she had to pee so bad was that she had guzzled a large soda minutes before boarding the bus so she could compete in a burping contest with a bunch of boys)

7 – she enjoys musicals as much as i do

8 – we met in the two year old sunday school class…and there’s just not many people who can say that

9 – she also had to endure the obscene number of college visits o…

the life of a fifties housewife...

amber, one of my good friends from work, is getting married in a few weeks so today we threw her a bridal shower. she really wants to be a fifties housewife so we made that the theme of the party! we all wore aprons and i made these fun centerpieces for the tables...

a little gift opening action
dia . amber . shelly